Kindly’s feature lineup has been compiled in collaboration with experienced aged care nurse managers to provide everything you need, with no fuss.

Quick Notes

Kindly’s quick notes improve the quality and speed of progress notes.

Commonly entered notes can be preloaded to save staff time - these preloaded notes improve documentation quality by reducing errors and guiding staff through best practice clinical documentation.

Care Plans

Kindly includes an extensive range of preconfigured plans tailored to New Zealand aged care, and built in collaboration with experienced aged care nurses.

Kindly is based in the cloud, which means that all of your patients’ current and historic plans are viewable from anywhere.

A comprehensive library of 500+ best practice interventions are also included.

Digital Clinical Assessments

Kindly’s clinical assessments are easy to use, store, and access later - commonly used clinical assessments are preconfigured with the system, or you can implement your own.

They can be completed from a dedicated smartphone or computer.

Clinical Charting

Make charting seamless for areas like continence, hygiene, sleep and pain management.

When staff enter relevant notes, patients’ charts are automatically updated.

Enterprise Reporting

Kindly’s data collection and organisation abilities enable real-time reporting on a range of relevant care metrics. Operators can track their performance on:

  • Care Quality Indicators
  • Audit Compliance
  • Overdue and Upcoming Alerts
  • Population Reporting

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